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June 07, 2024

Lightshow Tower Model: A High-Rise Marvel with Dancing Lights

The Lightshow Tower is not just a model skyscraper; it's an experience with a synchronized light show dancing to your chosen rhythm.

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BIDllc, the leading architectural model-making and 3D Visualization company based in the UAE, is proud to present the Lightshow Tower, a groundbreaking model that redefines architectural beauty.

What makes the Lightshow Tower Model unique?

The Lightshow Tower isn't just a stunning model skyscraper; it's an experience. It's the first architectural scale model in the UAE to incorporate a synchronized light show that dances to the rhythm of your choice. Imagine a miniature cityscape that comes alive with vibrant colors, transforming its mood with every beat.

Delving into the Lightshow Tower's Model Features:

1. RGB Lights: A Symphony of Color Control

Take a look at this captivating video showcasing the Lightshow Tower Model's RGB light control in action. Witness the magic unfold as the tower illuminates in distinct levels:

  • Level Lighting: Each floor of the tower boasts customizable lighting, allowing you to create a personalized color scheme.

  • Facade Lighting: The tower's exterior comes alive with stunning facade lights, adding another dimension to the visual spectacle.

  • Ceiling and Breathing Lights: The video concludes by revealing the captivating ceiling and breathing lights, further enhancing the immersive experience.

2. Techno Rythm: Unleash the Energy

Get ready to be mesmerized by the Lightshow Tower Model's Techno Rythm light show. Watch the model pulsating with vibrant colors, perfectly synchronized with the pulsating techno beat. It's a visual feast for those who love a touch of high-octane energy in their surroundings.

3. Oriental Rythm: Embrace Tranquility

For those seeking a more serene ambiance, the Lightshow Tower Model offers the Oriental Rythm light show. Witness the tower bathed in calming colors that ebb and flow in perfect harmony with the soothing oriental rhythm. It's an ideal way to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Company Branding

The Lightshow Tower is more than just a model; it's a testament to BIDllc's commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural design. With its unparalleled light show functionalities, the Lightshow Tower Model offers an experience unlike any other.

Having 22+ years of experience, completing 6000+ projects, and serving 15+ countries, We at BIDllc are incredibly proud of our creations. Contact us today to learn more about acquiring your very own state-of-the-art Architectural scale models and 3D visualization tools.