Model Making


Our experienced team with extensive 3D-model making skills can execute any project, whether it is commercial, industrial, or residential, irrespective of the complexity of the project. We work collectively with our clients to build marvellous and functional 3D models as per the project design & close to reality according to the scale, to showcase project architectural features, structural layout & landscaping, etc with high accuracy & aesthetics.


    • Project Information & Requirements Study

    • Progress report submission and client feedback

    • Project drawings Drafting & Rescaling

    • Material preparation using feasible technology.

      • 3D Printing: BIDllc 3D-printing is based on latest SLA industrial-grade liquid printing technology. This machine can print hairline precision with 0.05mm. Highly durable & reliable resin plastic material with adjustable strength is used to print absolutely smooth surface with no lines.

      • Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is a high-speed process with high precision & efficiency. Acrylic, light wooden planks, plywood, MDF are the applicable materials. A laser beam is used to cut the materials. It Support high-speed cutting, engraving, from low-end to high-end to meet the various project requirements.

      • CNC cutting: BIDllc offer high-quality CNC routing services to clients from all industries. This process is suitable for wide range of materials like solid wood, acrylic, MDF, paper etc. It Offer simple or complex shaping, profiling, cutting & routing of MDF, plastics & acrylics.

    • Material fabrication & Assembly

    • Environment and Landscape (Hard & Soft scape) production

    • Installation of LED lights & components

    • Model stand & glass fencing Design and production

    • Model Shipping, Installation and maintenance