Tamouh Reem Downtown

TAMOUH headquartered in Abu Dhabi since 2005, Tamouh’s ambitious growth is fuelled by mission to build communities in a lifestyle of luxury and comfort.

    Reem downtown Located on the north-western shores of Reem Island, Reem Downtown is designed to be a livable and walkable mixed-use residential district.

    Location: Abu Dhabi

    BIDllc’s Solutions: Interactive Masterplan , 3D CG Animated video

    Client resources: 2D CAD drawing and 400+ pages project brief

    Model information:

    LCD Masterplan: Scale 1:800, Dimensions: 4116 mm × 2430 mm

    Timespan of project: 6 Weeks

    Materials Used: 55” LCD screen, LED screen, I pad, Acrylic, Plywood

    What we did:

    The project brief was comprised of technical aspects and feasibility study of project design. BIDllc scope was to compress the whole brief into single interactive scale model controlled by ipad. And we did it by synchronizing (LED screen, LCD model and tailor made visual content).

    Production methodology:

    • CNC cutting

    • Laser cutting

    • 3D Design

    • 3D modeling

    • Scale modeling

    • CG rendering

    • Motion graphic

    • IOS programming

    • UI + UX design

    • Hardware assembly

    • Post production