BIDllc fuse the digital and physical world with new layers of creativity, knowledge & inspiration with seamless AR solutions. Making it a whole new proposition for brands. Allowing the audience to interact with the real world in a unique way, AR offers a new era of brand experience. Elevate brand to next level with more engagement, memorable & impactful experience.  Connecting the audience directly to the point of sale & offer an end-to-end solutions. We create AR experiences that breathe life into traditional marketing materials.

    • UI & UX design by expert designers with interactive user experience.
    • Integrated solution; programing, 3D-modelling & customized content.
    • Designed with compatibility to operate on both IOS & Android platforms.
    • Outlining technical components to guarantee Max-engagement & ROI.
    • After-sales service with technical support & warranty for client`s support.

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