BIDllc villa`s 3D scale models with finest-crafted details elevate the value of residential complex & provide a premium experience with inspired life & dream homes.  The exterior of the Villa is crafted with its architectural appearance, & the design of the building, which produces a favorable aesthetic impression. Well-chosen high-quality material is used to decorate & maintain the original design of villas. The natural texture of stones, marble, & granite is maintained to give an effect of grandeur & monumentality to the exterior of the Villa.

    • With traditional & modern 3D technology blend to achieve the finest details.
    • Mesmerizing exterior lighting to create vary looks & highlight materials & lines.
    • Flooring, claddings & facades with true texture & color of various materials.
    • Detail outdoor amenities like parking, garden terrace, bar, barbeque & pool.
    • Interior floor-plans drawers to showcase maximum details in limited space.