VR online virtual tour experience

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BIDllc 360˚ VR offers a cinematic tour with predefined path & spaces to give online & remote buyers a true sense of being in a property, wherever they are. Letting your prospects to navigate virtually & explore your projects` immersive environments interactively, by showcasing real world dimensions & highlighting key features. Generating VR tour from a set of panoramas to host it as web application on your website. Easy sharing via URL to transports buyers to the property, right from their web & mobile device.

With powerful story telling embedded in 360˚ VR consolidating all your collaterals in one place!


VR online virtual tour advantages

  1. Powerful remote and online Sales & marketing tool 24/7
  2. Bulk quantity of viewers & leads can be reached
  3. Fast & Economy production
  4. No limitation of geographic location, time or demographic audience
  5. Virtual & Realistic viewing experience without physical presence
  6. User friendly, easy access for any online users
  7. Compatible for any smart devices, laptop or PC with online access
  8. Strong ROI for generating solid customers & sales leads

VR production explained